After the election of 45, I was going to put my head in the sand and wait things out, but the House Bill on health care and then the Senate’s bill on health care is pulling me back into the fight.

How could members of Congress who get health care for life for them and their families not understand how the American people? There is an absolute lack of empathy for the people they are supposed to represent.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Senate Republican’s ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill would result in 22 million more uninsured people over 10 years.

There would be 15 million more uninsured people next year, the report finds, largely due to the mandate to buy insurance being repealed. The number of uninsured would then rise in later years as smaller subsidies to buy private insurance and Medicaid cuts kick in.

CBO finds that lower financial assistance in this bill compared to ObamaCare would make premiums unaffordable for many low-income people, and copayments, coinsurance, and/or deductibles would rise as well and essential benefits become reduced on a state by state basis.

The CBO finds that in the Senate bill, prices would still spike for many older people, though in some cases not quite as much as the House bill. For example, a 64-year- old making $26,500 would pay $6,500 in premiums per year under the Senate bill. Under ObamaCare, they pay $1,700. Yet, the annual cost would have been $14,600 under the House bill.

Due to deep cuts in the Medicare program, there would be 15 million fewer people enrolled in Medicaid over a decade.

I am not sure what the Republicans want to do besides repeal the former President’s program.

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