Sharon Williams is extremely knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and a trusted advisor. As a consultant to our company, she was able to facilitate our working through multiple complicated political issues and other obstacles. She was outcome-oriented and as a result, our workgroups came in on target or ahead of goal every time. Sydney Ross-Davis, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Consultant, Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Plan expertise

Sharon was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, while I was at Unison Health Plan (now UnitedHealthcare). As a Government Relations Representative, I reported to Sharon. She is an extremely hard-working employee and knows how to get work done effectively.

Sharon worked with a number of departments closely and was an inspiration for her team members. Sharon always leads by example and is an excellent role model. Sharon was always there to provide encouragement during difficult situations, motivate and help her direct-reports to develop professionally, and worked to develop a close and successful Marketing and Business Development team.

Sharon has excellent communication skills, both verbal as well as written. She was highly respected by her colleagues and our outside vendors. On the basis of my experience of knowing and working with Sharon, I am confident she can handle any position successfully.

Brandy Derry Slatinsky

Manager of Medicare Operations at UPMC Health Plan

Sharon Williams was instrumental in the decision and process to convert post enrollment materials to a more responsive print on demand program. Bill Ondo

Experienced Healthcare Account Executive at Taylor Communications

Sharon is a highly effective leader, with stimulating personality and charisma, she has inspired me to intense my efforts and energetic creativity. Sharon’s ability to influence others to cooperate enthusiastically with their own goals and decisions is at the heart of her leadership style. I am grateful to have had the opportunity work on projects under Sharon’s leadership and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. Nina Hart

IT Professional

Sharon Williams is a leader that keeps the focus on the objectives that move the business forward. She is also aware of the importance true customer service plays in retention. Sharon is also a terrific professional to work with. Sharon Rask

COO, Principal at ThomasArts

Sharon is a very detailed leader. She brings great experience and the know-how to get things accomplished. She understands the industry and provides her team leadership. She empowers them to make the correct decisions.

Bill Henderson

Sr. VP Business Development at Liberty Dental Plan

Sharon Williams is a very seasoned healthcare professional with keen understanding of the various markets. She is aggresive in pursing solutions and has fresh insights in the development of marketing campaigns. It was a pleasure serving under her; she was fair and understanding in her management practices. Randy Zachary

Color Mac Operator at Quad/Graphics

A large part of the reason I accepted a position with Unison was to work under a dynamic personality like Sharon Williams. Under Sharon’s leadership, I quickly learned how truly energetic she was. Sharon’s collaborative managerial style allowed for highly effective interactions while overseeing a diverse team of marketing and government relations professionals. Sharon also allowed her team members to have the latitude to think and make decisions independently. This trust went a long way in creating a great working atmosphere. Cy Zibrik, MPA

Senior Compliance Lead at Aetna Better Health of New Jersey

I worked with Sharon supporting her effort to build a high performance marketing team. Sharon wanted to assist her people in navigating the significant change inherent in building a strong marketing infrastructure to support a growing business. This speaks to Sharon’s understanding of the importance of addressing the needs of he people while staying focused on business goals and achieving results. Ginny Berger

Principal at Partners For Performance Consulting

Sharon is an exceptional person. Because of Sharon’s passion to help others and share her knowledge I have re-directed my path in life. Working with her, as one of my client’s, has taught me new things about myself.

I have also been able to learn from Sharon through the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), a program with the Connecticut Commission on Children. Sharon was Director and Facilitator when I was involved, in 2000-2001, and Sharon taught me to follow my passion and to get involved in community!

Thank you, Sharon, for helping me get to where I am today! Pam Pinto

Nutrition Consultant

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